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DRP1 Mediated Fission Has an Important Role in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases

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Ignacio Ventura González, Centro de Investigación Traslacional San Alberto Magno (CITSAM). Universidad Cátolica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir.

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Objectives - Our objectives are to perform a bibliometric analysis with which to highlight the relevance of Drp1 in the pathogenesis of AD and PD as a fundamental regulator of mitochondrial fusion and fission homeostasis, in addition to highlighting Drp1 as a possible therapeutic target in AD and PD.

Methods - We have carried out a bibliometric study based on a search in the PubMed database, the selected articles that are in the period from 01/01/2008 to 12/31/2019. Through an analysis of the data and a representation in graphs we show the relationship between Drp1 with AD and PD.

Results - The analyzed data show a slow but stable growth interest in the relationship of Drp1 with AD and PD. First, we analyze the number of publications per year that both the AD and PD remain stable over time, followed by the number of publications we are interested in observing the quantitative validity of these data, expressed in the average JCR per year and the number of citations of the articles, which show an interest in the role of Drp1 in AD and PD.

Conclusions - Our bibliometric analysis shows that the relationship of Drp1 with AD and PD is relevant, that it is currently interested and that they are applying Drp1 as a key protein in the pathogenesis of both diseases and, therefore, as a possible therapeutic target for treatment. of both pathologies.


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