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The Inflammatory environment in patients with COVID-19

Systematic review



The SARS-CoV-2 virus is the main cause of the pandemic viral pneumonia known as COVID-19. Some studies suggest that, in this disease, lymphopenia is the most common sign of infection, as well as increased CRP and IL-6 caused by a cytokine storm directed at the lungs. Therefore, the hypothesis of the study is to make a systematic revision of scientific studies linked to the immunological phenomenon known as COVID-19.

Objectives: The main aim is to study the cytokine storm of COVID-19, as well as to determine the role of IL-6 and T-lymphocytes.
Methods: A search strategy was made through the PICOS questions, based on the PRISMA method. The MeSH terms were looked up on PubMed, Google Scholar and SciELO (2019-2021). The level of quality was sought according to the ranking of Scimago institutions, and the H index of the journals was assessed.

Results: 43 articles were included, and clinic, diagnosis, treatment, and pathogenesis were compared. A decrease in TCD4 / CD8 lymphocytes was shown in patients with severe disease, as well as an increase in IL-6 and CRP.
Conclusions: The immunological phenomenon known as COVID-19 is characterized by lymphopenia and an increase in IL-6 amongst critically ill patients. Monitoring those parameters could help to understand the progression of the COVID-19 disease.


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