Nereis. Interdisciplinary Ibero-American Journal of Methods, Modelling and Simulation.


Natural Genera, Scientific Classifications, Life, Fireworks and COVID



A difficulty exists in separating the real aspects from the point of view of the researchers. A taxonomic classification is proposed in five kingdoms: plants, animals, fungi, protista and monera. Humans are the only species capable of manipulating the biosphere on a large scale. Behind the light, colour, sound and smoke from fireworks there is a chemical reaction and a table of chemical elements. The history of pesticides presents a set of little-known stories of environmental pollution. What communication and action to take against the climate emergency? Sustainable development is carried out in the food industry: energy consumption, water consumption, wastewater management, waste management, containers and packaging, and food waste. The 20th century advances in molecular biology–genomics are informed: what they are and what they represent for today's medicine. Drug repurposing is reviewed for coronavirus treatment and computational study based on molecular topology. Chemistry and pharmacy might be sustainable. Processing might also be sustainable.


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